Friday, November 13, 2009

National Gaming Day @ Your Library

Okay, so we're not even open on National Gaming Day @ your library (it's Sat. the 14th of November), and our district Acceptable Use policy prohibits video games on our network, but I again feel compelled to note that I think it's really cool that libraries are promoting games & gaming and recognizing the fact that gaming is a great way to reach teens (especially boys).

So I was a bit disappointed to see that the official site  for the event doesn't actually address much about gaming, except in a Q & A format, and that it doesn't link to sites that people who like games might get into, such as Kotaku or Gametrailers or Joystiq. Perhaps that's because they didn't want kids looking at footage of Modern Warfare 2 linked from their ALA site, which is understandable. But at the same time, it kind of erodes their street cred. And no, I don't have a satisfactory answer, except possibly Destructoid, which I think it a bit tamer than Kotaku. And here's a terrific site for primary source research/graphics: The Arcade Flyer Archive.

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