Saturday, September 4, 2010

QR codes in libraries

Prior to a recent conversation the librarians had with with our Instructional Technology Coordinator, David Jakes, I never thought about QR codes, much less their application to libraries.  But a lot of people have, and they are doing some pretty neat things.   I especially like the way ACU Library uses them to enhance displays and provide more information about the books.

                           QR Codes to enhance displays & provide more information to patrons at ACU Libraries

Other libraries, such as the University of Huddersfield,  are using them to provide text reference services, which I think is really cool, as I love the idea of extending reference beyond the desk/phone model.

Not sure at  this point whether the QR codes will catch on here as they have in Japan, or if it's more of a fad.  Either way, it seems like an easy & fun way to extend interest in the library resources, say, via book trailers tied to books on a display, or as a way to promote services, such as reference and research help.

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  1. They make business cards convenient too.